The Israel Trail Procession

Shot on site in Israel’s official hiking route, the work tackles layers of history, myth and geography by turning the Zionist ethos of “conquering the land with one’s own feet” into a taboo.

A group of nomads marches on, aided by carts, machinery, makeshift contraptions and acrobatics. Slowly and painstakingly they conquer the road, making their way through desert landscapes, woods, seaside and by a river. With great exertion they carry themselves and those under their custody – women, children, men, elderly, disabled – without ever touching the ground with their bare feet. Progressing from dawn to dusk, their destination remains unclear, just as their identity: are they nomads? Escapees? Distant relatives of the current inhabitants of the land, or a futuristic clan?

This project is in collaboration with the photographer and video artist Meirav Heiman.