Long Term Representation

Holistic model, comprehensive career management


Artizen applies business development tools to promote projects, create opportunities and achieve targets in the art realm. At Artizen, our artists’ careers are treated with great care and attention, over long periods of time, to reach optimal growth. We provide our represented artists full support in all aspects of their career, to benefit them with the comfort of being focused on their artistic process. Based on a continuous dialogue and with a very personal approach, we set goals, develop strategies and execute.


Compact Path

Four intensive consultancy sessions


Artizen offers artists a transformational intensive four session path. We lead the artist on a path to professional clarity. We analyze the background of the artist and articulate aspirations into a reachable vision. Then we aid the artists understand their personal tools and abilities and set up a strategy to achieve long and short term targets.


Project Management


Arizen provides management services for specified art projects, over definite periods of time.