Founded by Michal Gitnik Permont in 2012, Artizen is a boutique career management agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our mission is to promote, nurture and expand internationally the careers of leading and promising emerging artists in the fields of performing and visual arts.

Artizen accompanies artists on a journey to their highest peaks. We work closely and for extended periods of time with our artists, creating strong relationships and allowing them to maintain focus on their art. We set goals and align plans and schedules with strategic positioning for our artists’ projects in the international arena. Artizen is committed to transforming artists’ wishes, ambitions and desires into a solid plan that leads to a tangible reality.

Artizen embraces originality brilliantly expressed, and connects audiences with creators. We promote challenging, innovative and interdisciplinary works of art, encourage artistic collaboration and create the suitable ecosystem for our artists to flourish.

An immediate objective at Artizen is striving towards gender equality and greater inclusion of women in the art world. Despite encouraging signs of women’s improved visibility, women artists are still given significantly less opportunities in cultural and creative institutions. Artizen is committed to taking affirmative action in the representation of women.

In the midst of great disruptive global changes, our artists are defining the future.

About the Founder


Michal Gitnik-Permont specializes in arts administration and management of cultural projects and arts initiatives and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Michal has been guiding and managing artists on their path of professional development, while using her knowledge of the arts world, management skills, large global network and most importantly, her passion for arts and culture.

She began her career with 6 years of experience as Chief of the Arts and Culture Department at Tel Aviv University, during which she initiated countless arts and culture projects at the university and beyond. Michal then moved on to develop an international career of arts management at the British Council in Israel, while serving as the organization’s Arts Manager for 5 years. During this time she took an active role in planning, executing and monitoring large-scale programs with local and international partners.