Ayelet Carmi

Ayelet Carmi is an artist working in painting and installation. She holds a B.F.A from the Department of Art at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. Her work often features mythological figures of women and hybrids of machinery and the human form. With a background in traditional painting, her work reexamines the conventions of representation to offer a world metamorphoses and imaginary figments. She was awarded scholarships and grants by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Lottery Arts Council.

Ayelet Carmi is the inventor of a new genre of painting all her own. Cleverly escaping the entrapments of traditional painting, her work engages in a deep and thoughtful dialogue with relational depth patterns, its highly sensitized nervous system producing art that is nuanced, lightweight and fragmentary. It is a body of work decidedly of its time, sophisticated and witty.

Galia Bar Or, Curator

A Person Worries

A person worries about losing his money / But he does not worry about losing his days / His money does not help / And his days do not return (Adam doeg al ovdan damav / ve-eyno doeg al ovdan yamav / damav eynam ozrim / ve-yamav eynam hozrim) This verse [composed of two rhyming couplets,…

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The journey of Alexandra, fictive twin of Alexander the Great, and her companions oscillates between Utopia, the perfect, absolute, feminine world for which the heroines strive, and tropia, the eye’s continuous deviation toward the transient, changing, fragile reality under constant danger of nuclear explosion. Solo exhibition, Gallery 39 in Tel Aviv, curated by Tal Lanir, 2008.…

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Ayelet Carmi’s installation transforms the gallery space into a kind of “ex-territory” within current affairs. The space, which is located underground, underneath the communal dining room, is woven into the open space that is an integral part of the daily Kibbutz routine, and gets treated as a hidden “secret room”, asking to tell a story…

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In Sphere, a strong and resonating environment, governed by feminine time, is created. Four women, each occupying a static frame on a screen split into 4, filmed in one shot, chant exhaling, and count inhaling, in native Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic and English, while moving in a circular, difficult motion, with the movement of a large…

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The Israel Trail Procession

Shot on site in Israel’s official hiking route, the work tackles layers of history, myth and geography by turning the Zionist ethos of “conquering the land with one’s own feet” into a taboo. A group of nomads marches on, aided by carts, machinery, makeshift contraptions and acrobatics. Slowly and painstakingly they conquer the road, making…

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Two Thousand Feet

Carmi presents a different world, illusive, beautiful, entirely based on hybridization and crossing. The inquiry into femininity, performed through the technological perspective, offers an entirely new universe of daring possibilities, conducting us with uncompromising force and courage towards a future vastly different from the past. Solo exhibition, Liberal Jewish Community Hannover, Germany, curated by Friederike…

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