Hai Shirim

The 18 Song-Cycle is a composition based on texts by contemporary poets and writers from the middle east. It is a deep exploration of the Arabic language sound and spectral essence. The piece is composed using a combination of Arabic and western tunings, played on old authentic instruments and contemporary western instruments. The choir’s work focuses on the specific sound of the language, celebrating the subtleties inside and in between syllables, looking into the melody of the language itself.

Performers: Meitar Ensemble and Bat-Kol Girls Choir conducted by Anat Morahg. 

Texts by Poets: Nidaa Huri, Rita Huda, Yasmeen Daher, Tamara Naser, Tamer Massalha, Mahmoud Darwish and Almog Behar

Performances at The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv as part of of CEME Festival,  Tzlilim Bamidbar Festival in Kibbutz Sde Boker and Ramleh, 2017.


A fascinating performance, in Arabic, by the composer Maya Dunietz, with the Bat-Kol Girls Choir and Meitar Ensemble.

Haggai Hitron, Haaretz