Dismantled, Dganit Elyakim

Composer and sound artist Dganit Elyakim gives voice to the hybrid state between two eras: the mechanical era and the electronic/digital era. This interplay between music and story-telling is pregnant with political, philosophical and spiritual messages. The performance includes compositions, improvisations and sound-performances on acoustic and electronic instruments.

The performance premiered at la Cité internationale des Arts in Paris, 2018.

Alexantropia, Ayelet Carmi

The journey of Alexandra, fictive twin of Alexander the Great, and her companions oscillates between Utopia, the perfect, absolute, feminine world for which the heroines strive, and tropia, the eye’s continuous deviation toward the transient, changing, fragile reality under constant danger of nuclear explosion.

Solo exhibition, Gallery 39 in Tel Aviv, curated by Tal Lanir, 2008.