Yael Rasooly

Born in 1983 in Jerusalem, Israel, Yael was trained primarily as a classical singer and went on to study theatre design in London. She began developing her unique theatrical language at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, where she specialized in directing, puppetry and design, and graduated with excellence.

Since 2006, Yael has been creating independent theatre works and performs at leading international festivals throughout Europe, the United States, South America and the Far East.

The House By The Lake

The House by the Lake is a performance that swings between the boundaries of musical cabaret and contemporary puppetry for adults. In this original and creative play, humor and tragedy are woven together, forming an overwhelming theatrical experience. The show has been performed in many countries and festival such as the Théâtre de la Cité,…

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How Lovely

A childhood memory unravels and comes to life through an empty cello case, pieces of broken violins and a human-sized puppet. But beneath the sweet musical memories, another story emerges. An unbroken circle, a music lesson which takes an unexpected turn and a web of family secrets are the components in this both humorous and…

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Paper Cut

This one-woman show reveals the obsessions and dangers of romantic fantasies. The language of black and white is transformed to the “low-tech” universe of paper cut-outs and object theatre, creating a tension that is absurd, painful and humorous. Paper Cut has been performed in over 27 countries and has received international awards and broad critical…

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The Gramophone Show

Accompanied solely by her Gramophone, Yael Rasooly takes you back in time to enchanted era of the 1920′s through 1940′s. The unforgettable presentation of the classic songs, ranging in performance from English to French have already brought the show’s universal charm and timeless appeal to being enthusiastically received in many countries including the US, Germany,…

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The Yael Rasooly Trio

The Yael Rasooly Trio is a musical ensemble specialized in adaptations of music of the 1920’s-1950’s in multiple languages. The trio includes two of Israel’s leading musicians — Iliya Magalnyk on accordion and Jonathan Hadas on clarinet, member of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. They have performed in several prestigious international music venues and festivals such…

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