Maya Dunietz

Maya Dunietz is a composer, performer and sound artist performing internationally for the past 20 years. She investigates the interconnections between music, visual art, performance, technological research and philosophy. Her works are commissioned by renowned performers and ensembles and she has created site-specific soundperformance works for institutions such as Palais de Tokyo Paris, Arnolfini Gallery Bristol, Reykjavik Arts festival and many more. In 2015 she was guest professor at CALArts LA, as part of the Schusterman residence program.

Sound Requires A Medium

Sound Requires A Medium centers on a room-wide installation comprising 10,000 intertwined earbuds. Visitors walk through the labyrinthine structure to take in the dynamic sounds emanating from the earbuds that come together to create a rich and blossoming soundscape, physically pulsating from the sheer quantity of musical sources. The exhibition also includes a series of musical…

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Root of two

The 17 old roaring pianos are positioned in small groups to create five zones of intense multi-sensual experience. The complex soundscape explores the universe of beatings, creating a psycho-acoustic phenomena in which one can listen to sounds that exist in between other sounds, vibrations that exist all the time in the universe but usually remain…

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Perpetuum Disco

A collaboration with musician Ram Gabay.  

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Kabab is a performance in which the audience is not only watching, but performs. It is not possible to spectate this performative event, but only to experience it through personal involvement. A phonetic vocal piece, Kabab is written on huge cardboards. The artist holds the boards in front of the audience on stage and the…

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Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Guebrou

In 2013, Maya Dunietz initiated and directed a unique tribute project to Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Guebrou in the framework of the Jerusalem Season of Culture. It included the first-ever publication of Guebrou’s piano pieces in a music sheets book and a series of concerts performed by Dunietz and international musicians, presenting Emahoy’s abundance of celebrated…

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